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Kinetix Health Club has a very successful personal training program that is offered to all members.   We love helping members get in shape and building healthy relationships within the gym.  We have a very diverse staff ranging from kinesiology graduates up to sports medicine graduates as well as certified personal trainer‘s.  at kinetics health club we take personal training very seriously, it’s not our job.. it is our duty and life’s mission to help our clients get in the best shape physically possible.  We have male trainers, we have female trainers, we have trainers that specialize in building bulk, we also have trainers that specialize in leaning up, and providing muscular tone, along with trainers that specialize in cardiovascular improvement. The first step is an assessment you’ll sit down the certified personal trainer we will review your goals take your body fat come up with a game plan on areas of your body that you would like to improve.   Then we were going to work out based on that information Your fitness journey will begin once you sign up for personal training your work one on one with a personal trainer.   We have multiple packages and options available you can meet as little as one time a month all the way up to five times a week it really depends on your fitness goals and how serious you are.  You will get dietary and health tips, we will write out your workouts when you’re by yourself so that you have guidance while you’re in the gym this seems to be a member favorite because some clients do  like to do workouts on their own but still have the information that a personal trainer would do with them on the workout floor.   We provide. Monthly measurements of your entire body to make sure that your fitness goals are being accomplished and that you are holding us accountable and we are holding you accountable  Kinetix personal trainers start working out as early as 5:30 AM.  All the way up until 8 o’clock some nights, so there’s always someone available if you’re ready for a workout. we understand it’s not just about the fitness some clients may want to work on sports conditioning we do have athletes on staff that can help as well can help in that area as well.   Overall we have a fun team of personal trainers it is our life‘s work to make people healthy while building strong healthy relationships for future accomplishments


Stephanie is currently certified Les Mills RPM and pursuing certification in Les Mills Body Pump. She started her fitness journey 10 years ago. However, after the birth of her 5th child, the desire to share her love of fitness with others motivated her to pursue certification within the group fitness arena. She is dedicated to helping people in all levels of fitness. In her free time, she hangs out with her family and also enjoys running.


Sherree Gilpin has been teaching group fitness at our Bonaire location since 2012 when the doors opened. She pursued her first certification with Les Mills Rpm then went on to get certified in Les Mills BodyPump. Most recently, she received a certification in Barre. Sherree also works for our corporate team as the Group Fitness Coordinator for both the Bonaire and Warner Robins locations. Sherree is married, has twin boys, 3 step children and two dogs. Her favorite thing to do when she isn't teaching is to travel.



Jessica Perdue joined our group fitness team at the Bonaire location in January of 2019. BodyCombat is her focus, in less than an hour you can get a terrific workout and have energy to tackle whatever the day may bring. Being part of a group to sweat it out, push through something challenging, and in the end come out stronger is an incredible feeling. Away from the gym, Jessica enjoys being married to Dan, has three terrific kids, works full time at the family business, and serves at Second Baptist Church.


Kristy Warden has been teaching group fitness at Kinetix since 2017, when she was approached by the group fitness manager to teach after taking Bodypump classes. She now has certifications in Les Mills Bodypump and Raised Barre. Her love of fitness first brought her to complete her personal training certification from ISSA in 2008. She grew up in New York but now lives in Bonaire with her husband and three boys. “I love that I have the opportunity to help others be the best versions of themselves, and to witness their personal transformations every step of the way.”


Hi my name is Larissa! I love working at kinetix because it’s more than just a gym it’s a gym family. I love meeting people and helping out, I can’t wait to meet you. WARNING: I am a hugger.


Tammy was born and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia. After graduating from Northside High School (Go Big Blue!) She attended Georgia College and Auburn University (War Eagle!) where she obtained a Ph.D. in education. She has taught in the public school system as well as at the college level. Her fitness career began over 20 years ago when she was first certified as a group fitness instructor by AFFA. Since then she has taught a wide variety of classes and obtained certifications in step aerobics, Pilates, spin, RPM and personal training. She has taught group fitness classes at Kinetix since 2013. Her favorite part of group fitness is helping to motivate people to become their personal best and to challenge them to push harder to become stronger, both physically and mentally. Her motto is “NO EXCUSES!” and she tries to lead by example. She’s an avid runner, recently completing her first 50 mile trail run. She also enjoys swimming, cycling and weight lifting. She is married to Brett and has 7 children. In her spare time she enjoys working out with her family, teaching Sunday school and coaching gymnastics. Her belief statement is from Philippians 4:13-I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.


Javier has been practicing yoga all of his life and primarily practices and teaches Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles. He completed his RYT 200 teacher training (Yoga Alliance Certified) at Journeys in Yoga in Tallahassee. He teaches at several yoga studios in Tallahassee, FL and at various other gyms and health centers. He has taught daily for years and has retained an "experienced" teaching designation with the Yoga Alliance certification program having taught over 1,000 hours. Yoga is a vigorous and aerobic mind‐body‐breath exercise regimen that can strengthen the body and purify the senses. Javier believes that practicing yoga once or twice a week can have amazing health benefits by strengthening muscles, stabilizing stress pathways through vagal tone, improving circulation, stability, neural balance and improving bone structure. Yoga can also help discipline and calm the neural landscape, leading to greater connection between body and mind. This interconnectedness leads to greater personal resilience and more optimal functioning of immune support systems. Yoga is then useful for all stages of life and is a gentle or vigorous exercise for anyone. Javier enjoys teaching at the Kinetix Southwood location since there is a huge multi-purpose room there with a great wood floor for yoga. He looks forward to teaching and sharing with as many students as wish to take on the subtle internal challenge of yoga.


Michele moved to Warner Robins in May 2015 and began teaching at our Bonaire location shortly after. She has been teaching group fitness for 30 years and has taught a little bit of everything over the years. In 2014 she quit her desk job and became a full-time personal trainer and group fitness manager at Impact Sports & Fitness in Albany. After her husband got a job on the base and they moved, she returned to her desk job as an auditor for the State of Georgia and to her role as a group fitness instructor. Since joining the Kinetix team, she has taught Boot Camp, Spinning and Butts n Guts. She is married and has two boys. Outside of the gym, she is an avid cyclist and a huge college football fan.



Erin grew up in the Atlanta area and has been an athlete since the age of 10. Becoming a state-ranked gymnast as a preteen led to involvement in competitive cheerleading and springboard/platform diving throughout Middle & High School. At age 12 Erin began her lifelong love of running by joining the track team; she began with short distance sprinting as a teen and moved into longer distances as she aged. Freshman year of college Erin made the Crew Team's Varsity Lightweight boat, & added rowing, whitewater kayaking, and swimming to her list of favorite sports. She also continued to race in local 10Ks, which eventually led to marathons, half-ironman triathlons and then full Ironman triathlons. Erin graduated from the Honor's College of the University of Georgia: Summa Cum Laude & Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing. She worked as a Pediatric Emergency Department RN before having her own four beautiful children. Her passion for fitness continued during motherhood and grew during her recent divorce, where she developed the desire to encourage others to live life without limits. Her hobbies include paddle boarding, cycling, open water swimming, cheering on her Georgia Dawgs at tailgates, and spending every free moment with her two daughters and two sons.
In August 2017 Erin was three weeks away from competing in Ironman Chattanooga 140.6 when a truck struck her on her bicycle at a very high speed. She survived, but with many internal and external injuries that have made the last 17 months of recovery a very difficult journey. However, she's stubborn and swears by the power of mental toughness - which led to a finish in April 2018's Ironman Texas 140.6 a mere eight months after her accident (and resulted in a few more doctors' visits)! Currently she has restarted triathlon training after a total hip replacement in November. Erin thrives on having to rebound from adversity and believes that EVERYONE has the capacity to reach their goals...if you fully invest your heart and mind into something, you can accomplish anything.



My name is Shawna Floyd and I'm one of the two group fitness managers, along with Michelle Harbin, for both Kinetix @ Zebulon and Bowman locations. I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Business Management. I am married and have a son that graduated from UGA last year....Go Dawgs!! They are also both members of Kinetix and enjoy working out there as well. 
I have been doing group fitness classes for about 20 years and have been teaching for 8 years. I am a former personal trainer, but my passion for group fitness drove me to take it to the next level to be a group fitness instructor and now a group fitness manager. I love the group atmosphere as it is very motivating, fun, and our members are why I love my job! I love teaching at Kinetix most of all because of our awesome members, staff, and GF instructors! THEY are the reason I love going to my job every day and I also love helping people to become more healthy and fit. I currently am certified in Bodypump, Raisedbarre and also teach Core Strong.


SPINNING certified since 2011, Colette Vallee invites people of all ages and abilities to ride! Also certified to teach SPINFlex, Vallee has facilitated the SPINNING for Weight Loss Program. Saddle discomfort is temporary and rides promote cardiovascular health and increase strength all while listening to great music. Vallee supports the SPINNING cycle format because it is flexible and meets attendees where they are safely. Whether recovering from injury or elite athlete, join me as I choreograph your ride while you are the driver of your effort.


My name is Karen Chi, I am a Zumba instructor. I have been a Zumba instructor since January of 2012. I am certified to teach Zumba, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Step and Strong by Zumba. I became an instructor because I simply love the joy of dancing, the exchange of energy between the students and I, and most of all because I get to be a part of their journey through fitness. The moment you step in front of the class and you face them, you see their faces light up when they actually get a step, or sing along or enjoy the music you selected, it is absolute magic.

My most treasured memory as an instructor is of a lady that used to come to class, she always arrived late, stood at the back of the class, and left early. Never spoke and I had a hard time making eye contact with her. Until one day, she came up to me and said “I wanted to tell you that Zumba and your class saved my life, I was in an abusive relationship, and he would not let me get out of the car until after the class started so that I couldn’t make any friends, he also would wait for me outside before class ended… but I grew strong in here, and I made a plan, and I left him…. Today is my last day in town, and in your class, and I wanted to say thank you..” I will never forget her, even though I don’t remember ever talking to her before that day, she changed the way I teach.

We all have a story, a reason, a need to connect, and when we do … it is truly magic. That is why I teach, music is a universal language that puts a smile on everyone’s face … you cant be in a bad mood while you dance. That is why I teach. For the love of music, dancing, connecting with people, and to be a little better each day.


My name is Cookie. I have three boys 29, 34, and 37. I am a professional flutist and play in a band called 357. I play on the worship team at church and at weddings. I love bowling, tennis, movies, softball and weight lifting. I am a body builder and posing coach. I have my Pro Card in Women's Physique and a Pro Card in Women' s Figure. I am a judge for body building competition ss well. I am a licensed Physical Therapist Asst. I love training because I love to see people's lives changed to prevent chronic issues that can occur as a result of not training and moving. I love people and placed here for that purpose


Javier has been practicing yoga all of his life and primarily practices and teaches Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles. He completed his RYT 200 teacher training (Yoga Alliance Certified) at Journeys in Yoga in Tallahassee. He teaches at several yoga studios in Tallahassee, FL and at various other gyms and health centers. He has taught daily for years and has retained an "experienced" teaching designation with the Yoga Alliance certification program having taught over 1,000 hours. Yoga is a vigorous and aerobic mind‐body‐breath exercise regimen that can strengthen the body and purify the senses. Javier believes that practicing yoga once or twice a week can have amazing health benefits by strengthening muscles, stabilizing stress pathways through vagal tone, improving circulation, stability, neural balance and improving bone structure. Yoga can also help discipline and calm the neural landscape, leading to greater connection between body and mind. This interconnectedness leads to greater personal resilience and more optimal functioning of immune support systems. Yoga is then useful for all stages of life and is a gentle or vigorous exercise for anyone. Javier enjoys teaching at the Kinetix Southwood location since there is a huge multi-purpose room there with a great wood floor for yoga. He looks forward to teaching and sharing with as many students as wish to take on the subtle internal challenge of yoga.


I have been physically active since I was young and then life happened.  I re-committed myself to a healthy lifestyle about 10 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made.  I suffered a knee injury and had surgery 6 years ago and have bounce back with a vengeance by changing the way I worked out.  I enjoy working with people to motivate them and be that positive force to move toward a healthy lifestyle. Looking and feeling good about one's self as a result of being active provides so many positive effects on your total well being.


Hi my name is Jacob Martinez. I am 23 years old and I just graduated from Thomas University this past year with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Marketing. I played 4 years of collegiate soccer at Thomas University as well. I am from Crawfordville, Florida, which is just south of Tallahassee, and I have lived there for practically my entire life. Personal training has quickly become a passion of mine and there are so many aspects of it that make it so fulfilling. Out of everything I love about personal training, I would have to say that my two favorite things about it is the feeling of bettering someone’s life, and also pushing people past limits they have set in their mind for themselves. Many people don’t realize what they are l capable of and showing them that they can do more and instilling that confidence in them is quite possibly the most rewarding part of personal training


My name is Brooke Murphy and I am currently certified in Les Mills BodyJam, BodyFlow, and BodyPump. I started out taking these classes as a participant and absolutely fell in love with what group fitness has to offer. To me, group fitness is a place where a group of very different people can all come together to share the same common goal and purpose for a moment. I love being an instructor, because I get to help guide participants through that beautiful exchange of energy and create true connection through perspiration, fun times, and good vibes.


I love group fitness classes and Zumba is absolutely my favorite. That’s why I love teaching Zumba! Every class feels like a great experience and a fitness party! Come join me, I guarantee you will have a blast! I am a Certified Zumba Instructor. I've been a ZIN™ member since March 2017. I am passionate about training myself and others via Zumba fitness for over 3 years. I am also an experienced dance performer with over 15 years of experience in Bachata and Salsa. I am Turkish, born and raised in Izmir, Turkey. I have been living in Florida with my husband since 2017. We both have 5 beautiful children. Zumba is my passion! What is yours?


Hi , my name is Keone Pearson . Born and raise in Georgia. I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer and IFBB Pro bodybuilder. I’ve been a personal trainer for 3 years & I love every single thing about it . The best part of being a personal trainer is knowing you’re making a positive impact into someone’s life.


Sherika Highman holds a Master of Public Health in Behavior Science and Health Education and a Bachelors in Food Science. Sherika began her dance career as a member of the Marching 100 Band. In 2008 she was introduced to Zumba; however, she did not feel confident in her skills and abilities until 2013 when classes were offered 3 times per week with a local dance studio where she transformed into “a front row diva”! Sherika believes, you have to have the mindset, “Be Determined to Win!” Sherika became a Licensed ZUMBA® Fitness Instructor in 2016. Sherika started teaching Zumba in March 2017. This front row diva is licensed in Zumba Fitness®, Zumba Toning®, Zumba Step®, Pound, and MixxedFit®! Sherika loves dancing and the wonderful feeling of joy that it brings to her life and loves sharing that joy with her students! In the words of Missy Elliot, “music makes me lose control!” Come on and join the party!!!


My name is Lisette Kelly and I am a Zumba instructor certified in Basic and Kids Zumba. I have been a group fitness enthusiast since I took my first Step Aerobics class as an undergrad. These classes were psychologically uplifting for me, enhanced my energy, and set me more easily into a healthy eating mentality. Back in the day Step was all the rage, which I loved, and immersed myself in it as well as any and every group fitness class I could work into my schedule. Fast forward to 2007, just as the Step Aerobics craze had waned, I noticed a word on the schedule I had never seen before: "Zumba". I asked about it, was corrected on my pronunciation, and decided to try it out, still confused though about how exactly cardio dance fitness would work without a platform and risers. I felt a little silly at first but instantly loved it and the happy relief felt by my pitiful worn out knees. What was there not to love? I could combine my love of dancing and fitness all in one class! Sue Ault was the original and only Tallahassee Zumba instructor at the time, but other talented instructors soon surfaced, and it became my mission to inhale every nuance of Zumba skill they cared to circulate my way. I decided to become an instructor, feeling as though I might have something beneficial to offer, and taught my first class in 2011. I am just as passionate now about Zumba as I was twelve years ago, and feel genuine and tremendous joy in passing on my own knowledge of dance and fitness.


• Tallahassee Native • Mother of 2 • FSU Alumni • Health Advocate • Musician • Nationally Certified Health Education Specialist • CPR/AED • Les Mills BodyJAM Instructor • YOGA Instructor

BodyJAM fuses the hottest music with modern dance moves where participants and instructors alike lose themselves in the music. This 55 minute workout doesn’t have you counting the clock but wondering where the time went, burning approximately 500 calories.


Lauren Antista is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) who has been teaching at Kinetix Health Club Kerry Forest for as long as she has been a certified instructor. She loves working with Kinetix members to incorporate the benefits of a group yoga practice into their fitness routine. She teaches yoga flow that is centered around strength, balance, flexibility and breath work.


My name is Joe Anne Hart and I've been a fitness instructor for 20 years. I started teaching step classes in 1998 and then expanded my classes to include Hip Hop Fitness and Kickboxing. I enjoy helping people achieve their personal goals in fitness, whether that is losing weight, getting stronger mentally and physically or just coming to a group fitness class to have a good time. I am currently certified to teach Les Mills class, which includes BodyAttack, BodyCombat and CXWORX. What is yours?


Hi I'm Ashlee Martin, I'm 25 years young. I've been a trainer since 2014. I was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. Raised by a single mother the most convenient meals weren't always the healthiest. Growing up I was overweight and insecure. I started playing sports in middle school and found my love of exercise. I became a trainer because I wanted my family to live healthier but now my goals is to have everyone have a great healthy experience through exercise and nutrition. What is yours?


My name is Nela, I was born and raised in Costa Rica, move to Tallahassee 18 years ago. After two children I decided to change my life style. I was 100lbs heavier than what I am. I came to Kinetix and I like the fact that they had group classes and I have somewhere to start. I started working with a personal trainer, she help me to create a better and healthier life style. In 2014 one of the spinning instructors asked me if I would like to teach classes. My first certification was in cycling (schwinn), I am also BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYATTACK, LesMills Tone, and TRX certified. I love teaching classes, love to help others and every class members always motivate me, I enjoy seen how hard they all work and they constantly inspire me to be better. Kinetix have open the doors for me to help other, like they help me three years ago, and every day I come to a class or behind the desk I hope I can help one person to make a positive change to a healthier lifestyle. I became the manager in July 2018 and when they ask me I was worry of the new task. Kinetix Southwood is not just a gym, is a community. I always was searching for a job that I love. I have a great team from sales team to personal trainer, instructors and most important our members have created Kinetix now to feel like home. I am blessed to find a job that I love and must important help others


Hello! I’m Nicolle Bournival. I’ve been a Zumba instructor since August 15, 2010 I have been teaching classes for five years with Kinetix health club. I absolutely love teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple: Every Class feels like a Party. I currently teach one cat Kinetix every Wednesday.


I am a certified AFAA group exercise instructor and personal trainer. As a group exercise instructor, I hold certifications for Les Mills BodyPump, Les Mills BodyAttack, Les Mills CXWorX, Maddog Spinning, Beachbody PiYo Live, YouGx Total Sculpt, Strong by Zumba, Zumba Basic – Levels 1 & 2, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, Zumba in the Circuit, and Zumba Kids. My desire to help build healthy communities led to my becoming a group exercise instructor and later a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, I have led many weight loss teams as a Biggest Loser coach (Kinetix-Tallahassee) and Biggest Mover coach (Tallahassee YMCA). I also specialize in assisting clients with passing the physical fitness test (PFT) for military service qualification. Professionally, I have a Master’s degree in Public Health and Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. I have used these qualifications to work as an adjunct instructor for Tallahassee Community College teaching the professional development course “Concepts of Positive Living” and as an epidemiologist for the Florida Department of Health. Currently, I teach Les Mills BodyPump, Zumba and Cycle.


I enjoy taking and teaching group fitness because of the energy members and instructors bring to the room. In my fitness journey several instructors have been key to achieving my personal goals. I hope as an instructor I can help our members achieve their goals. Certified in Les Mills BodyPump and Tone. I also teach HIIT classes. 10+ years ago I was able to achieve some fitness goals I never thought I could with the help of a personal trainer. My hope is I can help someone else do the same.



I have been teaching group fitness classes since the early 90’s when I was introduced to group fitness during a floor aerobics class at college. I instantly loved the group exercise format and knew this was what I wanted to do to make fitness a part of my everyday life. In a group setting we meet others with a similar goal, make new friends, share our energy, and encourage each other to keep motivated. I look forward to seeing my class participants improve and become stronger along their fitness path and I enjoy being their guide on this journey. I am a married mom of three and love spending time with my family outdoors camping, kayaking, hiking or at the beach. I also enjoy yoga and have been practicing for over 20 years. I am originally from the Buffalo area but have lived in Florida since 1997, having moved to Tallahassee in 2009.


Hi, my name is Erin Tolbert and I became a licensed Zumba Instructor in 2014 as a way to share my love of group fitness with others. Our Zumba class provides a great cardio workout set to International as well as hip hop and pop music. We always throw in a few squats and arm exercises for a full body experience! We welcome men and women of all fitness levels as all moves can be modified. Our workout includes warm up and cool down with stretching. I enjoy encouraging men and women to get moving to improve their heart health. Other fitness interests for me include step aerobics, toning, and 5k races. My husband David and I have two cats. I live in Macon and like to craft in my free time.


Heather is a Georgia native that moved to FL after graduating from the University of Georgia. She came to Tallahassee when her husband was accepted to grad school at FSU. Since then, she has worked in a variety of fields but none that she has enjoyed so much as Les Mills fitness. After having her first child in 2012, she found Les Mills programs to be the outlet she needed to lose the extra baby weight, to have FUN and make great friendships along the way. So she decided to get certified to teach BODY PUMP herself. After her second daughter was born in 2015, she discovered that BODY FLOW was not only therapeutic for her body, but also her mind. She decided to get certified to teach that program as well and had been amazed at how it has benefited her well being. Combining the strength work in PUMP with the stretching and flexibility of FLOW has been a game changer. Getting to coach members through both programs has added such joy to her life.


I love watching people fall in love with Group Fitness. Teaching classes became a passion nearly 7 years ago when I took the leap from long-time participant to instructor when I became certified in Les Mills BODYATTACK. I now also teach BODYSTEP and BODYPUMP. I get excited about the challenges and energy of these programs and love sharing that with members. I am, very luckily, Mom to Tyler and Josie. Our favorite family pastime is watching my husband Travis help the FSU softball team win games.


My name is Erin Boehler. I currently teach BODYPUMP but am certified in BODYFLOW, Barre, Spin and began my Instructor journey teaching Zumba, Zumba in the circuit and Aqua Zumba. I instruct because I love helping people obtain personal fitness goals. When I am not teaching I am spending time with my three girls and am currently Majoring in Psychology at FSU.


My name is Jessica Kahn. I currently teach Les Mills BODYJAM, SH'BAM, and BODYFLOW. I am also certified in Les Mills BORN TO MOVE, a fitness program for children ages 6-16 years old. I am licensed to teach ZUMBA, Aqua ZUMBA, and STRONG by ZUMBA, and am also an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor. Although I played sports growing up, I don't think that I had ever stepped foot in a gym until after my son was born. I happened to join a gym that had Les Mills group fitness classes, and wandered in to BODYPUMP one day. After that, I started to take other Les Mills classes, and fell in love with group fitness - especially BODYJAM. I never planned to be an instructor, but when we moved to Tallahassee, I wasn't happy without having a Les Mills dance class - so I decided to get trained to teach. Although my career as a fitness instructor started with a love for the programs - which still very much exists - it's even more about the people who come to our classes. I love the gym family at Kinetix - our members and instructors are awesome and I feel fortunate to call them my friends. It's pretty special that we can all come together to share something that we really enjoy and do something great for our health at the same time. I teach because I want to help people become the best versions of themselves and to experience true happiness in the act of group fitness itself - happiness that carries beyond the gym and spreads out into other facets of their lives.


My name is Jeffrey Kahn and I am a professor at Florida State University College of Law. After being introduced to Les Mills by my wife, I started taking BodyAttack and BodyPump classes and immediately became hooked. After several years of participating as a member, I decided to become a certified instructor in both of those programs. It is truly a privilege to bring the enjoyment and benefits of the Les Mills programs to the Kinetix’s members.


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